Release Time:2016/8/10 11:23:44

3805/3805D (original model: M-072/ door closer)

Suitable for door wide 1050-1250mm, suitable for door weight 80-120kg.

Adjustable speed closed segment 180 degrees - 15 degrees, adjustable strength locking segment 15 degrees - 0.

Spray arm, prevent corrosion, precision oil seal, to prevent loopholes.

High quality die cast aluminum alloy body, three layers of bright paint protection, prevent oxidation.

Two independent hydraulic valves control two doors, the speed of locking for the whole hydraulic control.

20 chromium gear shaft, rack, by the high frequency quenching and tempering treatment, the deformation is small, the movement is flexible.

-35 degree antifreeze hydraulic oil.

With stop function (90 degrees positioning) and (180 degrees without positioning).

Hole distance: 230mmx19mm